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Frequently Asked Questions about

Skin Treatments


How does it work?

Youthbar skin treatments go Deep, Deeper, Deepest:

Deep: Dermplane, Microderm, OR VI Peel

Deeper: Dermaplane OR Microderm, PLUS VI Peel

Deepest: IPL, Microneedling, ResurFX Laser Resurfacing, Blue Light, Light Therapy, OR VI Peel

Each level is customized to address your skin’s specific concerns, whether it be acne, brown spots, red marks, or wrinkles.


What can I expect?

Depending on the treatment level you choose, you might experience the following:

Deep: slight burning sensation from the peel

Deeper: slight discomfort from the dermablade or microdermabrasion crystals

Deepest: mild and brief prick or sting from the laser or microneedle


What are the results?

There are so many results! Note they vary depending on how deep you go in choosing a treatment. Results include: a firmer, healthier complexion; clearer, more evenly toned skin; reduced fine lines; faded scars and stretch marks; stimulated collagen rejuvenation.


Is it safe?

All youthbar skin treatments are completely safe! Chat with your youthbar esthetician if you have any questions. You may experience some temporary redness, but the results are immediate!